Liberty Rocks Productions presents

The Wherever People

11am & 2pm

Tamworth Library invites you to complete the summer reading challenge with this fantastic show!

Two sisters, as close and as quarrelsome as all sisters are, travel the world in their magical miniature Romany wagon, on a quest to collect and share all the stories in existence.

Become immersed in traditional Syrian, Scottish, Ghanaian, Australian and Native American folktales and migration stories; of shipwrecks and mermaids, knights and monsters, terrible captures and amazing escapes, stinky wizards and daft young boys, happy love and lost love, adventures and dangers, and beating the meanies.

A fabulous, fun, interactive storytelling show and play session for younger children.

Ages: 1-12

Free Event

The Wherever People
Saturday, 9 September 2017 - 11:00am