Creative Network

creative network logoA new website for artists to highlight the creative talent on offer in Tamworth developing links for local artists and the creative industries.

Are you a creative working in or wanting to work and network within Tamworth?

After consultation with local artists it was clear that a way to network and highlight the range of Arts venues and facilitators in Tamworth is needed. As part of our Arts Council Funded project Tamworth Arts In Unusual Spaces, we are going to create an online platform which will enable local creatives to highlight what they do and discover ways and places in which they can do it. Here are a few ideas which have been put forward to be included on the new platform:

  • An online database of artists and venues    
  • Infomation on where venues are and how to hire
  • Technical assistance: places to hire etc
  • How to put on an event
  • How and where to seek funding

The above list is just the start and we want local artists to help create this new platform so it fits the needs of all those wanting to access it.

This is the start of a more connected Arts community in Tamworth and if you would like to be involved or find out more information please email: