Gallery of Tamworth Music Scene

enemo j flyer

2005 – EvilGing Promotions, also known as Colin Brown -  presents an evening of metal.

live bands flyer

2010 – Presented by  Jock Ross from Tamworth Council and Mr Gund Promotions, the monthly Friday night band nights continued to prove popular.

cromwell's league flyer

2008 – Spitfire Promotions, who had a very successful band night going on around the town centre pubs at the time, decided to host the annual ‘Assems Xmas Band Night’


black fangs flyer

2009 – When one of Tamworth’s favourite bands  The Indigos announced their split, Lead singer Ian Forster aka Jimmy Indigo, went onto form Black Fangs. They debuted their arrival with an EP launch at the Assembly Rooms to great reviews.

black shark flyer

2012 – Short but sweet, Black Shark shone brightly for a handful of gigs in Tamworth. One of them at the Assembly Rooms in 2012.

battle of the bands flyer

2009 – Flyer advertising the 2009 Battle of The Bands event. Designed by Tamworth Council Graphics team. Notice the use of a account.


battle of the bands flyer

2011 – Another busy line up. But we finally moved away from Myspace and had our own Tamworth Assembly Rooms  website.

battle of the bands flyer

2012 – Battle Of The Bands launch night. Bands would turn up to register, then hang around to watch bands perform.

snow flyer

2009 – Outdoor Bandstand Concert. The distinctive hand drawn flyer by EvilGing Promotions


jumble jam flyer

2009 – A very creative flyer advertising a night hosted by one of Tamworth’s most successful bands, Carousel Circus

lost in vegas flyer

2008 – Lost In Vegas produce this great flyer for their band night with After Hours & Everybody Looks Famous