Project to shine a light on Tamworth’s historic castle will soon put the town in the ‘spot light'

January 29th 2021

Tamworth Castle will come under the spotlight as plans progress for a brand new external lighting scheme designed to showcase the attraction and raise its profile on a regional and national stage.

The project will see the existing lights replaced with a more modern, versatile and energy efficient solution, including a variety of colours, which will make the most of the castle’s stunning architectural features.

The plan is for the 11 orange glow up-lights to be replaced with a scheme that fully illuminates the castle to stunning and dramatic effect, as well as exploring options for projection, themed lighting.

A.C. Special Projects are working alongside Lighting Design Consultants LAPD to deliver the Tamworth Castle Lighting Scheme, following their successful tender for the project. Their role in this prestigious plan is to carry out the installation, programming and commissioning of the lighting system in accordance with LAPDs Lighting Design.
Site surveys have been carried out and preparation for installation is planned for spring this year. Last week a site trial where sections of the castle was illuminated was a great success.

Mike Brown, Director of LAPD Lighting Design, said: ““LAPD are an independent lighting design consultancy working in partnership with AC Special projects for Tamworth Castle. 

“We have worked all around the world within sectors of architectural lighting. Notable UK projects include the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, The Tower of London, Brasenose Chapel in Oxford, and Merry Hill Shopping centre in Dudley and now Tamworth Castle!

“The new castle lighting will reveal the historical and material variations of the castle. Colour changing lights will enable subtle or dramatic scene control; applying variations in intensity or colour of light across the facade.

“It will reduce energy consumption and minimise maintenance whilst giving more light and more colour variation for Tamworth events. 
“We look forward to see the final installation of this amazing project.”

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for heritage and growth, said: “I am really excited by this project. Our big plans for Tamworth Castle are starting to take shape as we work on developing it even further as a major tourist attraction for the town. 
“While coronavirus has delayed some of the work planned, we’re committed to developing the castle in the long term and are focusing on the planned improvements that can still take place.

“The lighting scheme is near completion and will make a huge difference in allowing the castle to take more of a centre stage.
“The existing lights are no longer fit for purpose and are very lacklustre. The new lighting will be something much more impressive and eye-catching that will show the castle off in the best possible light.

“We also want to be able to take advantage of the various national events that see buildings lit up in different colours and have therefore included colour changing capabilities into the tender specification. 

“In a conversation back in 2019 I made a commitment to find a way to light up a Tamworth building for Baby Loss Awareness week, this project allows us to for fill that commitment as well as join other awareness campaigns. 

“At the same time, we need to make sure the lights are more energy efficient than what we have currently. The old units were a collection of different bulb types and inefficient power ratings.

“The castle is fundamental to Tamworth’s heritage and the continued evolution of Tamworth as a town fit for the 21st century.”