Sound reinforcement

The TAR in-house PA system is a high quality, distributed point source system, capable of producing 105dBSPL (continuous) to every seat and designed and optimised to operate within +/- 3dB of level and tonal variance over the full audience plane. 
Variable acoustic absorption is provided by wool serge drapes to auditorium windows.  Fixed acoustic absorption is provided by Texaa acoustic panels in pitched sections of ceiling and rear wall.
Visiting Productions Info
FoH mix position – centre rear of retractable seating bank.  Row R seats 8 - 12 & row S seats 9 - 14.
Mix position footprint - 2.7m x 1.87m, 2 rows of 5 seats.  Please contact us immediately if you cannot fit in these dimensions to discuss alternative arrangements.  Touring technicians operating at the mix position must be seated to avoid blocking the sightlines of customers behind them. 
Maximum console footprint at mix position – 2.7m x 0.76m
For standing events sound can be operated from the rear of auditorium floor level.
House system tie-in available at DSL or FoH mix position.
Productions bringing their own ground stacked LR systems are strongly encouraged to tie in to our delay speakers in order to project sound to the rear of the auditorium without exceeding safe SPLs at the front. 
Ground-stacked speakers can only be situated on apron DSL & DSR.  Ground stacks will not be permitted on the auditorium floor in front of apron under any circumstances as this is a fire evacuation route.  Maximum footprint 1.5m x 1.5m.  Ground stacks of widths greater than 1m will cause sightline issues with seats A1 & A19; please advise if this is the case.  Please be advised that ground stacks will block treads to stage from auditorium, if these are important to your show you may wish to use the in-house main L&R hangs.
House subs can be configured on aux or from LR feed.
Consoles, Multicore
Allen & Heath D-Live C2500 + CDM32 + 2 x DX168 stage boxes + DX012 output expander
Allen & Heath QU-24 + AR2412 Stage box
Cat6a on Ethercon/RJ45 connectivity between all operating positions and stage. 
32 channel analogue multi-core (20 mic input, 12 return) between tech box, mix position and stage.
Front of House Loudspeakers
Main LR - 4 x L’Acoustics Arcs ii, 2 way, bi-amped, full range loudspeakers (15" + 3")
Subs - 2 x Martin Audio S218 sub-bass loudspeaker (2 x 18")
Apron front-fills – 4 x Martin Audio DD6 (6.5” x 0.5”)
Flown in-fills - Martin Audio F10 (10” + 1”)
Upper level seating fills – 2 x Martin Audio EM186, 3 way, bi-amped, full range loudspeakers (15" + 6.5" + 1")
Balcony fills - 2 x Martin Audio EM26 full range delay loudspeakers (8" + 1")
Powered by L’Acoustics/C-Audio/Camco/QSC/Crown amplifiers
6 x Martin Audio LE100 (12” + 1”)
2 x Martin Audio LE200 (15" + 1")
4 x Martin Audio F10 (10” + 1”)
4 x Yamaha SM15IV (15” + 2”)
2 x Martin Audio X115 drum sub loudspeaker (15”)
Powered by C-Audio/Camco/QSC/Crown amplifiers
Cinema Audio
Full 7.1 surround sound is avaliable when in cinema configuration.
Subs - 2 x Martin S218
Centre channel - QSC SC-223 Cinema Stage Speaker. 3-way, bi-amplified (2 x 15", 1 x 10”, 1 x 2.4”)
LR - 4 x L’Acoustics Arcs ii, 2 way, bi-amplified, full range loudspeakers (15" + 3")
Side Surrounds – 8 x QSC SR-1000 Cinema surround loudspeaker 
Rear Surrounds – 2 x QSC SR-1030 Cinema surround loudspeaker
Tamworth Assembly Rooms has a full complement of microphones and DI boxes for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications including;
Shure beta58/beta57/beta91/beta52a/SM58/SM57
Sennheiser/Beyerdynamic/AKG condenser microphones
Radial DI boxes
Crown PCC160 boundary mics
Sennheiser radio mic systems including handheld/lavalier/head-worn microphones
Induction Loop
Induction loop facilities for users of hearing aids are available in the main auditorium, multi-purpose room, café-bar and box office.
The Equality Act 2010 and the Building Regulations 2010 (Part M: 2004 edition) require that communication aids should be made available in public premises to assist the many people who have hearing impairment.  With that in mind we insist that all touring productions using their own public address equipment supply a feed to the house induction loop system.  Tie-in available at mix position, stage or tech box.
Relay System
Show audio relay to all dressing rooms and New/Old Green Rooms.  Prompt mic to backstage available at Stage Manager’s station DSL.
Safe Sound Levels
Please note that in accordance with the Noise at Work Regulations 1989, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, and for the benefit and care of all staff and members of the public, Tamworth Assembly Rooms reserves the right to monitor and if necessary limit the sound levels for any given performance.
Companies providing audio files for us to playback should submit their files at least two weeks in advance of their show in order to provide sufficient time for conversion and collation.  We recommend using WeTransfer to send large files as our email server has a 20MB per message limit.  Preferred file format is .WAV but most digital formats can be accommodated.  Please do not use low bitrate MP3s (or other lossy codecs) as their deficiencies will be exposed on a high resolution playback system such as the TAR PA system.   
CDs can be accepted but be aware that this is now a legacy format and compatibility of CDs burned on personal computers cannot be guaranteed.  Scratched or damaged CDs will not be accepted under any circumstances. 
We reserve the right to reject USB sticks or other media if they fail a virus scan. 
Cassettes, mini-discs and other legacy formats will not be accepted. 
Tamworth Assembly Rooms cannot guarantee that all of the facilities or equipment detailed above will be available for the use of visiting companies.