Tamworth Assembly Rooms heritage is on the move

Yesterday (12th March) 2pm – 8pm, Tamworth Assembly Rooms opened its doors to the public for them to get a glimpse at the future plans of the theatre as well as meet the design team behind the project and give their opinions on the designs.

 Along with showing the plans Tamworth Assembly Rooms were capturing people’s views as to why the theatre matters to them which goes with the national campaign of My Theatre Matters. More information on this campaign can be found here.

 If you did not get chance to come to the theatre yesterday then do not worry as you still have the opportunity to see the plans at one of our roadshow dates. They are as follows:

  • 18th March 3pm-5pm at Wilnecote Community Centre
  • 20th March 3pm -5pm at Belgrave Community Fire Station

We hope to see you soon at one of these Roadshow dates!