Theatre lighting

The TAR in-house performance lighting system is a high quality, hybrid LED/tungsten rig, which draws on the strengths of both technologies and offers the flexibility required in a multi-disciplinary performance space.
It features 72 channels of dimming for conventional lanterns and a wide selection of LED fixtures including moving head spots, washes and beams plus variable white and full colour Fresnel and par can replacements.
Avolites Tiger Touch II lighting console
Chauvet Pro Net-X II Ethernet to DMX node and splitter
2 x Chauvet RDMX 8 way splitter
5 pin DMX and Cat6 connectivity available between all operating positions, LX trusses and stage via patchbay in dimmer room.
Standard operating position is in tech box but mix position or DSR can also be accommodated.  Maximum console footprint in tech box is 1.9m x 0.6m.
Please contact the technical team if you require the current DMX address allocation spreadsheet for preparing your touring console show file.  
ETC Sensor Dimmer - 72 channels @ 2.5Kw
16 amp Ceeform and 20 amp powercon outlets available on all LX bars and at stage level.
1 x 63 amp 3-phase Ceeform, DSL.
1 x 63 amp single phase Ceeform, DSL.
2 x 32 amp single phase Ceeform, DSL.
FoH - 3 of 11m triangle trusses each powered by 4 x chain hoists.  SWL 250kg UDL.  Maximum height 7.4m.
Stagehouse - 4 of 8m ladder trusses each powered by 3-line Unibar hoists.  SWL 250kg UDL.  Maximum height 5.4m.
Advance - 4 x fixed vertical perches on auditorium side walls.  1.15m drop length. 3.9m above floor level.  SWL 100kg UDL.
6 x Chauvet Rogue R2 moving head LED wash lantern
8 x Chauvet Rogue R3 Spot LED moving head lantern
4 x Chauvet Rogue R2x Beam moving head lantern
6 x Chauvet Ovation f-915fc RGBAL fresnel lantern
6 x Chauvet Ovation f-915vw variable white wash lantern
9 x Chauvet EVE Par 140 VW variable white wash lantern
6 x Chauvet Colorado Quad Zoom RGBW wash light
4 x Chauvet Quad Zoom variable white par
12 x Chauvet Colordash H12IP par
2 x Chauvet Pro Strike 4 blinder and strobe
2 x Chauvet Pro Strike Saber blinder/footlight
4 x Chauvet Colorado Batten 72x
4 x ETC Colorsource Cyc lantern
Par Cans 20 x Par 64 1000W lamped @ CP62
Profiles 3 x ETC Source Four 15°-30° zoom 750W
7 x ETC Source Four junior 25°-50° zoom 575W
2 x CCT silhouette 1000W zoom
Fresnels 2 x Cantata 1.2kW
6 x Strand 743 1000W
2 x CCT starlette 1000W
4 x CCT minuette 650W fresnel
4 x CCT minuette 650W pebble convex
Cycs 3 x Coda 500/1 500W
Robert Juliat Oz 600W LED followspot
GDS LED ArcSystem.  Independently controlled from master fader in lighting box or via DMX.
Unique 2.1 Hazer
Jem 24/7 Magnum pro hazer
Starcloth - 8m x 4.5m ShowLED classic white, DMX controlled, 8 channels
Mirror ball on Truss C FoH - other positions available upon request
Advance notice must be sought for the use of laser fixtures, detailing their class, wattage and intended use.  A written risk assessment must be submitted.  Laser fixtures must not be focused towards the eyes of the audience, staff or performers under any circumstances as recommended by the UK Health Protection Agency.  Care must also be taken to avoid reflective surfaces such as mirror balls and glass.  Even low powered Class 2 lasers can cause glare or flashblindness and should be used with caution.  Because the labels on consumer lasers may give incorrect information -- the wrong Class or the wrong power -- do NOT rely on the label for any safety-critical calculations.  The TAR technical team reserve the right to remove any fixtures from service that if deems pose a risk to health.  For further information please visit
Tamworth Assembly Rooms cannot guarantee that all of the facilities or equipment detailed above will be available for the use of visiting companies.